Mirror and Glass Cutdowns

Over time when mirrors have been exposed to moisture, often the silver will start coming off of the back. When this happens your mirrors can start to look very old and unattractive. Instead of buying all new mirrors, bring them to us and let us trim and resand the edges for a brand new mirror look. We can also make house calls if the mirrors are too large for you to carry to our shop. The same can be done for table tops. If there is a crack or break at one end of your table top, don't spend the money for a new one. Let us cut it down and resand it for a new look.

Mirror Reinstallations

Relocating but want to keep that wall of mirrors you purchased? No problem. Mirror reinstallations are simple and fast. No need to spend money on new mirrors. Use your old mirrors and just have them reinstalled.

Shower Reinstallations

Having your shower retiled? We can reinstall your shower for you. Most of the time, shower deminsions change due to tile changes. Reinstallation is still possible. Make buying a whole new shower enclosure your last option and look into having your original shower reinstalled.

Mirror Removal

Mirrors can be removed from a wall. Depending on the length of time standing, mirrors can be removed and reinstalled without damage. If you are planning on replacing your countertops, have your mirrors removed first. If not, the weight of the mirror standing alone may be too much. The mirror could fall and cause much damage.

Shower Removal

Shower removal is simple and fast. Takes about 30 mins to an hour to have a shower removed and your shower ready to be retiled.